Articles should be within the range of 3,000 and 3,500 words in length. Double spacing, including quotes and references must be used with an extra space between paragraphs. Margins should be one inch wide. Please ensure that the article is in an accessible word processing format in either Word, WordPerfect, or Rich Text format and Trebuchet size 12 font.

Articles should be preceded by an abstract consisting of approximately 150 words. The abstract should consist of the title, the author’s name and a summary of the paper, detailing the topic, method, conclusions and implications of the article.   When quotations are longer than three lines the quotation should be indented, not using quotation marks.

Footnotes should be used only at the end of the article.

Referencing in the Body of the Article
The ‘Harvard’ system of referencing is used by the Journal of Mediation and Applied Conflict Analysis. Please refer to the Maynooth University library site for how to reference in the Harvard Style.