The Journal of Mediation & Applied Conflict Analysis JMACA is a resource to promote the advancement of the understanding and practice of mediation and conflict intervention processes in Ireland and internationally.

To achieve this objective JMACA is a free resource, publishing biannually, with an Irish and international focus on research, theory and practice. The journal welcomes article submissions from professionals, academics and all who are interested and involved in the fields of family mediation, workplace, commercial, multiparty, community, conflict resolution in education, collaborative practice, restorative practices and peacemaking. This invitation is made in the belief that the examination of the ideology and approaches to conflict and conflict intervention in many fields enables cross-fertilisation and increases depth in the knowledge base of each practice.
The logo for the journal is a symbolic representation of a huge stone left after the iceage known as Ail na Mireann (the stone of divisions). This stone is located in an area in Ireland which is known as the Fifth Province. In past times Ail na Mireann was understood to be the centre of Ireland where members of Ireland’s Four Provinces came together to sort out differences. where laws were struck and divisions agreed. Uisneach was linked to Tara (the seat of the High Kings of Ireland) by a ceremonial road, a section of which remains today.

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